The Peacecanning Company Limited (PCC) was founded in 1950. The company started as a small family business by Mr. Kaew Rachataswan under the name “Hua Peng Kongxi.” The word “Hua Peng” means “peace” because we were born from the cooperation of many friends doing business with peace and helping each other. At the company’s beginning, we started with the production of Pickled Mustard Green in jars which received excellent feedback. Therefore, technology has been used and developed further into a canned product by focusing on natural fermentation processes to deliver quality pickled vegetables under the brand “PIGEON,” which represents peace.

The products of The Peace canning (1958) helped drive the country’s economy and contribute to the income of the country’s farmers. Besides pickled mustard green, we also manufactured canned vegetables, tropical fruits, and fish in tomato sauce. Our products have achieved quality control that meets international standards—with success in the market, now achieved domestic and international sales in more than 50 countries worldwide. Nowadays, the company is the largest manufacturer and distributor in Thailand.

More than the quality of products and services of the Company, We focused quality of life of our valued staff and the environment. We have good welfare and provide a place to relax, play sports and organize various employee activities and training. Furthermore, We also care about the environment from the environment in the factory, such as Building a standardized wastewater system to return nature to society. These are all essential elements that enable us to strive to create truly quality products.

With more than 60 years, through love and devotion to outstanding quality and services to our valued customers, this is the key to our success in maintaining the highest quality from us to you.

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The Peacecanning Company Limited (PCC) was founded in 1950. Started as a small family business  by Mr. Keaw Rachataswan, the youngest son of a Chinese immigrant family. To bring everybody together and calm the family feud, he named the business “Heu Ping” which means peace/harmony, branded as “PIGEON”.

“Pigeon brand” is the number one Pickle mustard green brand in Thailand. We are one of the Leading manufacturers of Pickled Mustard Green, Canned vegetables, Canned Fruits, and Canned Fish in Tomato Sauce in Thailand.

Over 60 years, through love and devotion to great quality, we continue to develop products variety – canned pickled vegetables, canned tropical fruits, and canned vegetables, With true passion and ambition, Pigeon brand has become the brand of choice and established in more than 50 countries worldwide.


An Innovative Sustainable Company Creating Food for Better Life


1.Produce delicious food that is Safe and nutritious

2.Develop and create innovations that add value to customers

3.Develop personnel to be effective by enhancing learning and having a good quality of life

4.Managing the organization toward excellence

“Think Good, Speak Good, Do Good”

Our 9 work cultures


 “Core Values” is a guiding behavior principle that conveys the expectation of the organization and people to act accordingly. All personnel helps the organization achieve its vision and mission correctly.