The Peace Canning (1958) Co., Ltd.

In 2002, the company created a sustainability guideline under the concept of “Enhance Learning & Develop Thai Community Partners” by implementing development projects across company, from farmers to production & marketing to consumers.

We cooperate with governments and experts from leading educational institutions to conduct research that can be used to train and upskill farmers. We also work to educate the children of farmers to develop a new generation of farmers, make a stable income community, and have a establish mutual relationship with our organization. Training to increase knowledge and skills for employees at all levels develops and improves productivity and creates a personal responsibility to maintain quality and deliver good value throughout the supply chain.

Agricultural support under “Enrichment of Learning and Development of Thai Community” under “Enrichment of Thai Community” to promote sustainable development and growth includes:

1.“PIGEON Advancing Mustard Green Farmers“ – Promote the cultivation of green radish in Contract Farming.
2.“PIGEON Educational Development for the Children of Farmers” – Improve education for farmers’ children by organizing an academic camp to prepare for ONET exams.
3.“PIGEON Transfer Knowledge to Educational Institutions and Scholars” – A project to offer students internships, attend seminars, and conduct research.
4.“PIGEON Learning Organization for Employees” – Part of the Happy Workplace Project for quality of life at work.
5.“Pigeon Relationship with Social Community” – includes household, education institutions, and religious communities.
6. Exchange learnings towards productivity with SMEs.